Accent Solutions

Name of Partner: Accent Solutions

Contact: Paul Kilbride, Contracts Manager

Service: Turnkey UPS Solution


Accent Solutions is a specialist provider of facilities management services, asset management and related consultancy services. The company focusses on optimising the performance of assets through operational management expertise and effective administration systems.

When Paul Kilbride started working with the company in Feb 2017, he quickly came across an issue with one of their sites, where access was problematic, and maintenance hadn’t been carried out for some time on the two large UPS installed there. The client operates a data centre dealing with highly sensitive and critical data and therefore they were reluctant to allow access to the UPS for maintenance due to the perceived risks to the data centre operations. The UPS is critical to guaranteeing power continuity at the centre, and therefore Paul knew it was important to address the client’s concerns and to demonstrate how the work could be done in a minimally intrusive manner.

Total Power Solutions has been a long-standing preferred supplier to Accent Solutions and the companies partner together to deliver comprehensive expert support services, maximising uptime for client systems and minimising the risk of downtime. Paul contacted Total Power Solutions and they worked to address the issue.

Guidance on Client Communications

Paul Kilbride says “We had tried to talk the client through the need for access before and failed so one of the really useful things Total Power Solutions did was to go through the process with me, step by step, so I could re-assure the customer that the disruption and risk would be completely minimised. I also needed to make them aware of the risk of not carrying out maintenance on the UPS. It was great to have clear input from Total Power Solutions at that early stage as I had more technical insight to make a convincing argument.”

Total Power Solutions issued costs, a documented schedule of work and a risk assessment as part of the preliminary planning for the work. “I got three quotes actually but TPS offered the best value given the level of expertise and for this kind of work; you really need a safe, expert pair of hands. It was a slow process to convince the client to give us access but we knew we needed to move it forward and we worked as a team to do that. We offered the client a non-intrusive visual inspection initially, so Total Power Solutions could assess the situation and see the condition of the units. We then met with the client a number of times over the following months, to explain the process and build trust.”

Scope of Project

“It was great that Total Power Solutions had not just the technical knowledge but also the people skills to allay any fears the client had. Once we could see what parts were required, we were able to cost it out but also, we could confirm just how critical it was to replace those parts. The UPS at the data centre are Galaxy 7000 units. This UPS is designed specifically for medium to large data centres and Total Power Solutions are very familiar with all the UPS systems our clients have. When the risk assessment was done, Total Power Solutions established the power load of the facility and they found that we could take down one UPS at a time – again this minimised risk and was reassuring for the client. Total Power Solutions sourced original replacement parts from Schneider Electric, the original equipment manufacturer of the Galaxy 7000 UPS, commissioned them and gave us full certification – which is important obviously.”

Service Excellence

Paul is very happy with service delivered by Total Power Solutions and he says he’d have no hesitation in recommending the team “Look, they are really good guys. It’s not just that they know what they are doing, it’s the after sales service too – that’s been brilliant. They know what clients are concerned about – they’ve heard it all before so they can offer the right level of re-assurance to make it easy for customers to give the go-ahead. I’d highly recommend them.”

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January, 22. 2018


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