Bank Headquarters, IFSC, Dublin

The Problem:

The client had a 4x 240KVA ageing UPS installation, supporting a Global banking headquarters building.

The UPS were in an A+B configuration with 2X 240KVA UPS in parallel – each on the A and the B supply.

The UPS had a total of 256 batteries mounted on 4x open racks. The batteries were at the end of their service life.

Each UPS was loaded lightly (<30%) resulting in ineffecient operation of the UPS and excessive heat removal costs in the room.

The Project:

From receipt of order to completion of the project took 5 weeks. [delivery onsite 4 weeks – project onsite 1 week]

The existing UPS were decommissioned and the new UPS installed without any interruption to the bank’s essential IT infrastructure and at all times the bank was supported by UPS supported power.

Close and regular communication and pre-planning with the on-site tream with regards method statements, delivery, positioning, decommissioning, switching, installation, commissioning and health and safety ensured the smooth completion of the project, on time and on budget.

The Solution:

Remove the existing UPS, Batteries and associated switch gear and cabling and replace with two modern, effecient, scalable, redundant, hot-swoppable 96KVA APC Symmetra PX UPS.

The Outcome:

Due to the UPS scalability, a 96KVA solution was installed to meet exact present load requirements with the possibility to increase the UPS power capability to 160KVA merely by installation of more hot-swoppable power modules into the existing UPS frame, as required.

The large battery installation and 4x Open racks were no longer required resulting in huge savings on maintenance and replacement of batteries. The modular, hot swoppable batteries in the Symmetra PX mean a safer, cleaner environment within the UPS room.

Reducing the UPS onsite from 4 to 2 resulted in reduced footprint, reduced maintenance costs and a reduction of 20KW in cooling requirements.

The cooling requirement in the room was reduced by 66%.

The UPS come listed under the ACA Scheme operated by SEI resulting in further cost benefits to the client.

Upgrading the existing UPS system was more expensive than replacement.

To be honest, I was impressed at how smoothly this project went from start to finish

Facility Manager

October, 20. 2015


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