Collinson Group

Name of Partner:  Collinson Group

Contact: Shaf Rahman, Group Technical Director

Service: Turnkey UPS Solution


Collinson Group drives revenues for clients through the provision of innovative Loyalty and Lifestyle Benefits packages. The company operates globally, managing over 20 million end-customers, based across 170 countries. So technology, data and service centres are central to the delivery of its service and stability in terms of power supplies is a critical performance factor.

In Ireland, the business runs a Contact Centre based in the IDA Business Park in Navan, and in Spring 2017 a decision was taken to replace the legacy UPS.

Shaf Rahman is responsible for the management of the facilities for Collinson Group and he says he came across Total Power Solutions the “old fashioned” way. “There was an existing supplier but the service was poor and we decided to tender the work – to see who was out there in the marketplace; I’m based in the UK and we wanted a local supplier. So I did what everyone does these days, I googled “UPS APC supplier” and that’s how I came across TPS. I spoke with Paul and made an initial appointment – I knew pretty quickly that they had the level of expertise we needed.”

Comprehensive UPS Solution Delivered

Shaf had already specified the appropriate APC solution and a key factor in choosing to work with TPS was their familiarity with APC. “TPS is an approved Premier Partner for APC products, so I was confident they knew what they were talking about. That was definitely a key influencing factor in deciding to work with them. Because I’m in the UK, we needed to have extensive remote liaison on the project and I was very impressed with the level of planning that went into it too – it was planned to the nth degree. We needed to co-ordinate the work to be done by the TPS engineer, the APL engineer and the electrics and TPS were able to co-ordinate the project from start to finish. I was there myself only at the point of delivery, but every other stage of the project was managed remotely and it went like clockwork.”

The scope of the work included decommissioning and removing the old UPS and the supply and installation of a new rackmount 10KW UPS with extended run battery, which was mounted in an APC Netshelter 24U rack.

Hassle Free Process

Ultimately Shaf was very satisfied with the service and TPS was awarded the ongoing Maintenance Contract. “I’d definitely recommend TPS, based on my direct experience of working with the guys there. Paul and the team are industry experts and the service ethic is excellent. Everything went to plan and the work was delivered within budget – the pricing was competitive too. Because TPS know APC products so well and given the fact that they installed this system, it’s re-assuring to have them manage the maintenance contract as I know we’re in good hands; that comfort factor is great to have, where power stability is so crucial. “

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January, 22. 2018


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