Croke Park Stadium

Name of Client – Croke Park Stadium

Contact – Ciarán Murphy, IT Dept.

Service Offered – Onsite UPS Service and Maintenance, Plan and Design of Power Protection Infrastructure, UPS Emergency Response Service


Croke Park Stadium has a capacity of over 82,000 people and the facility operates as the HQ for the GAA. It also hosts large-scale events and exhibitions, business meetings and it houses the GAA museum.

There are approximately 50 UPS units onsite at Croke Park Stadium, supporting critical services such as IT, Ticketing, Cash Office, PA Systems, Security, Press/Media and a Hawkeye System. The UPS units range in capacity from 1KVA to 40 KVA.

Total Power Solutions works with the GAA and Croke Park to support, service and maintain  UPS at the venue. Total Power Solutions works strategically with the internal IT team, and other 3rd party suppliers, to plan, design and implement requirements for essential power protection infrastructure.

Ciarán Murphy, IT Dept. at Croke Park describes how he came across TPS last year “They had worked with the venue before and they were recommended to me by an IT consultant so I always felt confident that they could deliver – that has proven to be the case.”

Top Quality UPS Service

Ciarán confirms this confidence and talks enthusiastically about the level of service Total Power Solutions offers
“They maintain, service and upgrade the Communications Rooms that have UPS attached to them and in my experience they offer a top quality service. They are very quick to respond, very helpful and very friendly – there aren’t a lot of suppliers out there that tick all of those boxes.”

When it comes to the depth of expertise shown by Total Power Solutions, Ciarán is equally impressed “Put simply, the quality of technical knowledge in the context of UPS is probably the best in Ireland. Recently for example, there was an issue with the UPS for a critical system and we brought TPS in to do a review. They were able to identify the issue by design and they resolved it quickly. In that type of situation you need not only a supplier with the technical know-how but also the service focus and capacity that allows them to respond fast – TPS offers that kind of support”

UPS Support into the Future

Ciaran is satisfied that the relationship with Total Power Solutions will continue into the future “When you’re responsible for maintaining power, the one thing you have to have is confidence in the systems you have and the support services around that – it’s a critical piece of your ICT set-up. So in that context, when you find a reliable expert supplier, there’s an incentive to maintain that relationship year on year as it’s one less hassle to deal with – that’s a great thing in this business!”

October, 13. 2015


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