Dept. of Agriculture

Name of Client – Dept. of Agriculture, Research Laboratories

Contact – Brian Foy, Bilfinger Facility Management

Service Offered – Onsite UPS Supply and Maintenance, UPS 4 Hour Guaranteed Emergency Response Service


The Research Laboratories at the Dept. of Agriculture are managed by facility services company Bilfinger, a leading supplier of technical, infrastructural and integrated facility management services in the UK and Ireland.

In terms of UPS, critical laboratory equipment at the Dept. and at Backweston Campus are supported through an onsite support and maintenance contract and Bilfinger appointed Total Power Solutions for this vital work. The service agreement includes a 4 hour guaranteed response time in emergency situations.

Brian Foy is the Engineering Manager at Bilfinger and he has been working with Total Power Solutions for over 8 years. “Actually I consider TPS to be a partner to our business – we’ve worked on a number of projects with the guys there, both on an annual contract basis and for emergency call-outs. We contract out the work to TPS but the relationship is very much a two-way street; they’ve helped to secure and maintain business because they offer a brilliant service and competitive pricing. But equally the service they give customers is probably second-to-none, so it’s works both ways – and it works well!”

Clarification on UPS Needs, Competitive Pricing

Brian sees the way Total Power Solutions interacts with customers as a key benefit for the client “What I like most of all is that they take time to understand what the client needs, which is often quite different to what the client thinks they want at the outset – it’s not unusual for the client themselves to be unaware of the options and TPS are great at working through that – to make sure the client gets the right solution.”

The UPS maintenance and servicing market is highly competitive “Obviously quality has to be a given and that’s definitely the case with TPS but it’s also true to say that every time I get a quote from them, they are the most competitive – that makes the decision to work with them very easy.  I don’t have to waste time going elsewhere. Over the 8 years we’ve worked together I’ve probably gone through 4 different mechanical engineers, 6 different cleaning companies and so on but TPS have been the one constant supplier we can depend on throughout the years. Of course we’re service driven but like all commercial operations, we’re price-driven too – TPS deliver on both counts.”

Emergency UPS Support Service

While the company is contracted to offer emergency support within a 4 hour turnaround, it also helps out in other time-critical aspects. “They go above and beyond what you might expect. On numerous occasions I’ve been stuck for a part or the replacement equipment is delayed in shipping; TPS will always help out, supplying parts from stock to see us through, and so on.”

UPS Service and Performance Reporting

Brian describes the service as “Brilliant – the quality of the personnel they sent out onsite is first class and most importantly; they attend when they say they will.” An important aspect of the service for Brian is the reporting and traceability on performance “We agreed a reporting format that’s easy to use but also very comprehensive. Reports are available as hard and soft copies and I archive these so if a client needs to review performance, I have the reports needed to hand – that makes life a little easier.”

…the service they give customers is probably second-to-none, so it’s works both ways – and it works well!

October, 29. 2015


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