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FEXCO is a global business, headquartered in Ireland, which specialises in fintech, payments and business solutions. The company services some of the worlds biggest brands and it employs over 2,000 staff, operating across 29 countries.
In Ireland, the company has multiple sites; the HQ is based in Killorglin, Kerry and there are two other facilities in Kerry. There’s also a Call Centre based in Dublin. These four locations house a variety of critical operational functions and a stable power supply is vital on a 24/7 basis.
Total Power Solutions has had a long association with the company and with the IT management team responsible for the UPS infrastructure. John Joe Quirke leads this team and he is highly satisfied with the service delivered by Total Power Solutions.

Scope of Service

John Joe outlines the nature of the business relationship “For a business like ours, it’s essential to have a robust UPS set-up, including the cooling systems needed to maintain it effectively. In terms of ongoing support, we have a Maintenance Contract and a detailed Service Level Agreement with Total Power Solutions for both the UPS and the cooling systems. This includes maintaining 500KW of UPS, preventative maintenance and a guaranteed on-site response time – to keep critical applications operational. They also implemented remote monitoring for us and that’s been really useful in terms of giving us a heads-up if any problem is brewing. And because we know they are the experts in this context, we’re more than happy to take their advice in terms of investing in equipment and upgrades when necessary. We use Total Power Solutions to specify, install and commission all our UPS.

Added Value

There have been a few unexpected benefits in having this expertise on call. “We did have a crisis at one stage with a main breaker – all electricity into the building was cut and we couldn’t re-set it. Needless to say, this happened at about 2 a.m.! Although it was outside the scope of our agreement with TPS, we were able to ring them for telephone technical support and they talked us through how to get back up-and-running. In fact, we then got them to take on the maintenance of these breakers too.”
Another benefit has been assistance in forward budgeting “TPS are really helpful in terms of letting us know well in advance of any spend they think we might need to budget for. They manage the lifecycle of the UPS equipment, so they know when hardware is coming to end-of-life – it’s handy to have no surprises in this context and we will often be told a year in advance if spend will be required. And we take their advice because we trust it.”

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May, 29. 2018


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