Royal Dublin Society (RDS)

Name of Client – Royal Dublin Society  (RDS)

Contact – Guy Johnston, Director, European Telecommunications Management

Service Offered – Onsite UPS Product and Support for IP applications over 42 Acre campus


The RDS plays host to a broad range of economic and cultural activities and the organisation has invested over €3 million in the last four years on its ICT facilities. This investment has included the installation of a high density WiFi network in all the main halls and meeting rooms across the campus, along with other applications including IP CCTV, IPTV, and extremely high speed broadband.

Guy Johnston of ETM, one of Irelands leading telecommunications consultants, has been the chief architect for the design, procurement and roll out of the ICT infrastructure at the RDS. He has worked directly with Total Power Solutions to implement an effective UPS solution.

Guy describes how he met Total Power Solutions “I was very familiar with the APC product range but for about 20 years I struggled to find a specialist supplier that 1. Knew APC Products and 2. Could install it properly and 3. Could service the product with enthusiasm. Eventually I chatted to a large distributor for APC here in Ireland and they recommended TPS – that was in 2012.” Guy met Paul Kavanagh, Managing Director of Total Power Solutions and he was immediately impressed with Pauls credentials. “Paul had worked as a service manager for APC in North America so he knew the products and the organisation well; and of course he could service it, furthermore he was enthusiastic. That gave me great confidence that TPS would be able to deliver.”

Responsive and Accessible UPS Support

The scope of UPS support required at the RDS is considerable “It’s about a 42 acre campus with about 23 UPS units, supporting critical infrastructure.  We had tried another supplier a few years back who said they could supply new UPS and service existing units but that turned out not to be the case. They were great at the sales stage but when it came to support, they didn’t have the level of commitment we needed.”

In this context, Guy talks about evaluating what a good UPS service looks like “At a basic level, let’s put it this way – if its milling rain on a Friday evening of a Bank Holiday weekend and we hit a problem, we have to know that we can get the support we need to sort it that evening. There’s never been a major issue when we didn’t get a good response from TPS and you can get a hold of them when you really need to; that’s vital, they also fit in with the other team specialist ICT partners at RDS”

Online Visibility on UPS Status and Performance

Guy finds the instant access to live UPS performance stats. particularly useful. “We have visibility on a web interface on the status of all our UPS – current draw, reserve time, room temperature and more. If we lose the air conditioning and the room temperature rises, we get an automated alarm, it’s effectively an early-warning system. That’s a really useful system as if an event starts at 9 a.m. you don’t want to walk into the RDS and discover there’s a possible problem at 8 a.m., an hour before kick-off.”

This reporting option is part of the UPS systems supplied by Total Power Solutions and Guy believes others could offer it but are unaware of the options “TPS know these products inside out so they can configure this type of live access and alerts.  Other suppliers just don’t have the depth of expertise to or interest to offer this facility. At this stage TPS has proven their value and expertise, they’ve become the partner of choice to support the total UPS needs at the RDS.”

October, 19. 2015


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