Schneider Electric, IT Business Unit

Name of Partner – Schneider Electric, IT Business Unit

Contact – Ian Lawther, Channel Sales Manager

Relationship – Mutual Exchange of Business


Schneider Electric IT  specialises in  power, cooling, management and service solutions for critical IT infrastructure and Total Power Solutions is a Premier Sales Partner of Schneider Electric IT in Ireland.

Ian Lawther worked with MGE part of Schneider Electric for 15 years prior to Schneider’s acquisition of APC is 2007 and the formation of The Schneider Electric IT business unit. It was when Ian moved across the Group business into his current role as Channel Sales Manager that he came across Total Power Solutions. Ian looks after channel sales and as such he manages the relationship with Total Power Solutions. Ian explains “It’s a two-way street and we have a great business relationship with the guys at TPS – they sell our products and we also bring them in to service our clients, it works really well both ways.”

All Ireland Service

Schneider Electric IT in Ireland supports businesses in the Republic of Ireland and  Northern Ireland and it’s an advantage for the company to have Partners that cover the entire island of Ireland. According to Ian, there are just a couple of Premier Sales Partners that cover Northern Ireland and Total Power Solutions is one of those key relationships. Total Power Solutions are able to compete highly effectively for their support services in Northern Ireland and as such the company has secured a number of contracts there in recent years.

Technical Experience and Schneider IT Product Expertise

Ian describes the advantages of working with Total Power Solutions for Schneider Electric IT Ireland and their clients “Well both Paul and Dominick are very well-got in terms of technical ability, so I can send them out to a customer site and be totally confident in how they will handle the work. They have a wealth of knowledge – naturally some of our Partners need a lot of hand-holding as they develop their expertise but that’s never been the case in my experience with TPS, which makes life easy for us and the end-customer.”

Total Power Solutions has supported Schneider Electric IT Ireland customers with a broad range of services. Ian says “We’ve used them on a whole variety of projects including site design, commissioning, repairs and ongoing maintenance of UPS equipment. They’ve also installed a number of UPS and cooling units at a significant client site for us. You have to really trust a Partner to let them loose on key clients and we have that trust with TPS.”

The two companies run a monthly meeting to discuss sales, projects in hand, what’s in the pipeline and plans for future months. “If we lost a job on pricing, for example, we’ll review what happened and we’re always working to make sure we’re competitive – though there’s a balance for customers to consider between cost and quality.”

An Elite Future Ahead

Schneider Electric IT has recently launched a new Partner Programme “TPS has been ear-marked for future growth and we are working towards Elite Level for the team there; that’s a pretty exclusive club and the guys have been selected for further development because of their technical knowledge and the great working relationship we have with them.”

Read more about the UCD project Schneider IT asked TPS to support.

August, 11. 2014


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