Dry Contact I/O Smart-slot Card

AP9613-1NEW Options that provide additional monitoring and control functionality

The NEW Dry Contact I/O SmartSlot Card is compatible with all UPSs with a SmartSlot and replaces the Relay I/O SmartSlot Card (AP9610).

Offering 6 outputs it can trigger an external device to react to a UPS event.  For example, a 3rd party beacon could go off when the UPS has a low battery and offering 4 Inputs, each enabling an external device to trigger a UPS action (event).

For example if a door is opened, the system could be configured to start a shutdown of the UPS and the protected equipment.

Utilising up to two (2) optional Dry Contact I/O Accessory devices (AP9810), increases the total number of outputs to 8 and inputs to 8.

Backwards compatible with AP9610, it offers an additional user configurable mode wherein input event is to be held for a configured amount of time before an UPS action is initiated or an output action is initiated after a configured delay.

Available now from Total Power Solutions

February, 27. 2015


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