MGE Galaxy 300 (10-40 KVA) Launched : Simplicity you can trust.

Total Power Solutions presents the MGE Galaxy 300, an exciting addition to the broadest UPS portfolio in the industry. Suited for a wide array of applications and environments in the 10-40kVA range, the Galaxy 300 delivers the proven electrical performance of an MGE design and is easy to select, install and maintain.

The MGE Galaxy 300 UPS system provides a compact, simplified and reliable solution for protecting small and medium businesses, commercial buildings and technical facilities.  It offers reliable power protection and a robust and easy to install system at the best price to performance ratio.

Galaxy 300

The new 3-phase UPS is a high availability solution which provides a wide input voltage range for harsh electrical environments, on-line double conversion topology for true isolation between input and output with zero transfer time, parallel capability to increase system redundancy and dual mains feed input for installation of one or two independent power sources.

Galaxy 300 is fully RoHS (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances) compliant. The power efficiency rates up to 93%, some 5% higher than other UPS systems with similar features. High efficiency means lower operational and cooling costs over the medium and long-term, a key factor in reducing the total cost of ownership for electrical power protection.

Power availability, reliability, manageability and convenience are the key issues that UPS systems need to address for low and medium level power users. The new Galaxy 300 system has been designed with these requirements firmly in mind to deliver a UPS which is easy to install and operate, at an affordable price point.  It is ideal for end users who are purchasing a 3-phase UPS for the first time.

The UPS system uses a double conversion online topology which provides a regulated and reliable power supply.  The Galaxy 300 offers up to 30 minutes of integrated battery back-up, internal mechanical bypass  to provide higher levels of power availability.  These features, combined with the compact design and easy installation meet all the key requirements of customers looking for a 3-phase UPS in the 10-40kVA power range.

Users are able to monitor and manage power requirements locally and remotely through a simple web/SNMP interface and a user-friendly display available in 18 languages. The new UPS is also compatible with APC’s InfraStruxure Central and InfraStruxure Operations software applications.

InfraStruxure Central provides a vendor neutral and efficient method to monitor company-wide multi-vendor physical infrastructure: power, cooling, security, and environment. InfraStruxure Operations provides an instant overview of data centre operations through inventory management, PUE calculator, real-time device alarms, and location-based drill-down.

For convenient power distribution, both three to three and three to single phase power configurations are available. Servicing of the Galaxy 300 is greatly enhanced by allowing front panel access for ease of maintenance in confined spaces.

Options for the Galaxy 300 include an external battery cabinet for increased runtimes and a parallel kit for 1+1 parallel redundancy. Communication is supplied via a standard Network Management Card for web/ SNMP functions or an optional card with additional features including Modbus/ Jbus over RS485, Teleservice and environmental sensors. All these features, combined with the start up and on–site warranty service, makes the Galaxy 300 the easiest UPS in its class to install, manage and maintain.

Like every UPS from APC by Schneider-Electric, the MGE Galaxy 300 benefits from the association of a strong brand and the support of a world-class international services organisation. The new APC MGE Galaxy 300 model includes a 1 year physical warranty with extended warranty and onsite service options.

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SECURE:Maximum protection and availability wit double-conversion online topology

COMPACT:Wide or narrow tower in space-saving footprint

EFFICIENT: Up to 93 per cent, reduces cost of ownership.

FLEXCIBLE: 1+1 Parallel capability meets redundancy needs.

SERVICEABLE: Push-open, front access to maintenance bypass and slide-out boards make servicing easy.

FAST-CHARGING: Shorter battery recharge time prevents deep discharge damage.

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June, 20. 2015


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