NetBotz Camera SKU Transition

Security Cameras

To provide the best quality support in the field and to track the new imager chip in our NetBotz products, there is a small change to the product / SKU numbers by adding the letter “A” at the end of the existing SKU numbers. The functionality of the product does not change. The new SKU numbers will be reflected in the product barcode sticker, related packaging and product documentation. Transition from old to new SKUs begins in December 2017 and will continue through January 2018 while most of the old stock is being depleted. All products must use firmware version 4.6.1 or higher, which is available for download to all customers, free of charge on the APC webpage. The five affected SKUs are listed below: NBPD0160 is becoming NBPD0160A on December 3rd NBWL0355 is becoming NBWL0355A on December 3rd NBWL0356 is becoming NBWL0356A on December 3rd NBWL0455 is becoming NBWL0455A on January 3rd NBWL0456 is becoming NBWL0456A on January 3rd


Part Number: NBPD0160A, NBWL0355A, NBWL0356A 

January, 02. 2018


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