3rd Party Batteries for UPS

3rd Party Batteries

Batteries are at the heart of every UPS system. They are also the most vulnerable part of the system and battery failure is a leading cause of load loss. Having only reliable, industry-leading brands of battery is therefore essential so as to ensure the reliable performance of your UPS system in the event of power fluctuations or outages.

At Total Power Solutions we work with the leading battery manufacturers so we can offer our clients a trusted and reliable battery solution to support your critical infrastructure.

We can supply UPS batteries from Yuasa, Exide GNB, Wing, C&D Technologies, APC to name but a few.

Our 3rd Party Battery offer includes:

  • Design a battery solution based on your runtime requirements.
  • Deliver and position batteries to their installation location.
  • Supply racks, cabinets, fused isolators, DC MCB breakers.
  • New Installations.
  • Replace existing battery installations.
  • Remove old batteries from site for certified safe disposal.
  • Battery conductance testing.
  • Thermal Imaging Service.
  • Planned Maintenance programs.



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