AP9613 Dry Contact Relay Card


AP9613 Dry Contacts I/O Card

UPS management SmartSlot Card with Dry Contact Relay support to monitor external triggers and initiate actions on external devices.

AP9613 Features

Input Output Interaction –Enables interaction between device events (Inputs) and control actions (Outputs)

Compatible with SmartSlot enabled UPS – Compatible with all SmartSlot enabled UPS

4 Configurable Input Contacts – Monitor external devices to trigger actions such as notifications or a change in output relay state with custom delay

Optional Dry Contact Relay I/O Accessory – Each dry contact relay I/O accessory increases the number of input contacts by 2 and output relays by 1

Expandable Input and Output Ports – Supports the temperature Sensor, Temperature and Humidity sensor and Dry Contact relay I/O accessory.

6 Configurable Output Relays – In response to the UPS or input contacts changing states and optionally including a customisable delay, trigger actions on external devices.

Configuration Utility – Configure all actions with the easy to use configuration utility on the card.


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