MGE Galaxy 7000

Galaxy 7000 (160 – 1000 KVA)

Power efficiency for business continuity

The MGE Galaxy 7000 is the latest addition to the Galaxy UPS family, providing secured power solutions for medium to large data centres, Industry, Buildings, Mission Critical and Shore Connection environments. The MGE Galaxy 7000 is flexible/adaptable through its robust IGBT rectifier/inverter design to operate with any type of load (inductive, capacitive). This transformer-less based UPS system maximises the system efficiency up to 94.5%, keeping valuable operational costs low (energy savings) while providing highest power quality to mission critical loads.

In addition to its high efficiency level, MGE Galaxy 7000 also offers ECO Mode up to 99% efficiency for single and parallel systems, and Efficiency Booster Mode for parallel installations, that will help to save more energy. Galaxy 7000 includes features like N+ 1 parallel/redundant modules with several choices including: Isolated redundant, Integrated Parallel, and by Centralised Static Switch making the MGE Galaxy 7000 a leader with high availability architectures for mission critical environments, including Smart Power Test feature SPoT that helps to reduce overall system cost by removing the need of additional load bank. Easy to install and maintain is the basis of the core design for this new UPS with only front electrical connections and fully serviceable components. Galaxy 7000 includes additional UPS solutions such as: bus synchronisation boxes, IP32 enclosures, back-feed protection, frequency conversion capabilities, and flexible and extended battery solutions including VRLA, NiCad, external matching maintenance bypass cabinets, and paralleling gear. The versatile Galaxy 7000 interfaces with the industry’s leading universal communication protocols and incorporates SNMP, J-Bus/ModBus and RS485 protocols for easy interfacing with most devices. MGE Galaxy 7000 available services include start-up, preventive maintenance, fast response time and comprehensive service packages designed for hassle-free system maintenance.


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