APC by Schneider Electric NetShelter enclosures, open frame racks, and related products provide a total solution to meet the challenges facing server and networking applications in every environment. Best in class, NetShelter enclosures offer the most standard features to facilitate installation and speed of deployment integrating seamlessly with the full line of Schneider Electric InfraStruXure components.

Rack PDUs, jointly designed with NetShelter enclosures, enable pinpoint control and monitoring of rack level power.

Rack accessories provide superior cable management capabilities for high‑density networking and blade applications.

NEW: Not all installation sites have space clearance required to move and install standard height enclosures. The AR2400FP1 is an Unassembled Universal IT enclosure option for low to medium density server and networking applications and is packaged for transport through narrow spaces and assembly at the installation site. Shipping dimensions H: 81cm W: 68.3cm D: 223cm Wt: 221Kg

The AR2400FP1 is an Unassembled Universal IT enclosure option

Now also available in Grey More.


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