Battery Maintenance Service

Ensure your batteries’ optimum performance

Regardless of its size, the most critical part of any UPS installation is the battery.

Without a properly installed and maintained battery, your UPS may not support your critical loads in the event of a short or prolonged power disturbance.

Engineer Testing Batteries

Batteries used in UPS applications are typically VRLA type batteries and generally have a design life of 3-5 years for UPS up to 40KVA and 10-12 Years for larger KVA rated UPS.

Failure to properly maintain your batteries or carry out regular checks can result in surprise failures in the battery when it is called upon to support the load.

No one likes surprises like that!

While Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are normally described as ‘maintenance-free’ this merely refers to the fact that they do not require topping up, during their lifetime.


Our UPS Battery Maintenance Service will:

  • Inspect battery casings for signs of damage.
  • Check battery terminals for signs of damage.
  • Check for signs of leakage in all battery blocks.
  • Measure and record all battery block float voltages.
  • Measure and record the temperature at each battery.
  • Carry out impedance testing on each battery block .
  • Conduct a discharge test on the battery pack.
  • Clean and re-grease terminals as required.
  • Re-torque battery inter-block connection straps.

(subject to adequate access) 


We will issue a full report tabulating and graphing the results of the maintenance check along with recommendations, if any issues were observed.

Where any battery has failed any checks, these will be resolved at the visit if possible or if not advice will be given as to best course of action for quick resolution.

Works can be scheduled at a time to suit you whether in normal office hours or after hours.

*The IEEE defines “end of useful life” for a UPS battery as being the point when it can no longer supply 80 percent of its rated capacity in ampere-hours.

When your battery reaches 80 percent of its rated capacity, the ageing process accelerates and the battery should be replaced.

Bypassing of the UPS is necessary to complete a full battery maintenance. 

The UPS Battery Maintenance Service only applies to sealed VRLA battery blocks accessible in 3 phase UPS, cabinets or racks. 

Modular batteries in 1Phase UPS / SUVT / AIS / Galaxy 3500 / Symmetra are not covered. 

Replacement batteries or parts are not covered in the cost of the service.

the most critical part of any UPS installation is the battery


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