UPS Installation Services

Installation ServicesAC Electrical Installation

As a leading supplier of UPS Installation services and solutions, Total Power Solutions offer a full turn-key service for the solutions that we offer.

We can work with you or provide our own skilled electrical contractor to complete the full electrical installation of your UPS, system, taking the burden from you and your team and ensuring that you get your UPS up and running as quickly as possible.

We will carry out a site survey and assess the installation needs and can then complete the electrical install.

All our works are certified and once the electrical
installation is completed we can then arrange a full
commissioning of the unit.

3rd Party BatteriesDC Battery Installation

Our team will also carry out all DC Battery Installations / replacements for your UPS systems including assembly of racking, mounting and installation of batteries, provide and install all DC cabling, fuse-links and breakers up to the UPS system.


Contact Us to discuss your UPS Installation Services requirements or to arrange a site survey.



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