UPS Preventive Maintenance

In order to keep your critical systems running at maximum efficiency and reliability, it is imperative that UPS Preventive Maintenance is performed on a regular basis.Our service aim is to prevent problems before they occur. Advance power and cooling systems contain components and parts that will wear out over time. Proper care and regular UPS maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary downtime, saving you time and money.

To be sure your system is receiving the care it needs; you need specially trained service engineers, who are familiar with the inner workings of the products they service. Our UPS Preventive Maintenance Service, delivered as a stand-alone service or as part of an annual service agreement, gives your system the level of service it needs and you the peace of mind you deserve, delivered by factory trained and certified service engineers.

UPS Preventive Maintenance | Total Power Solutions



  • Service Report Summary
    A detailed service report will be issued to you on completion of the service, outlining your unit health, status and any recommendations /observations noted by the service engineer.
  • Labour & Travel
    Regardless of where you are, travel and labour expenses are included when we quote you for a UPS preventive maintenance service.
  • Functional Verification
    During each UPS preventive maintenance visit, our certified service engineers will run tests to verify your equipment is functioning as designed, in all modes of operation
  • Environmental Inspection
    In order to ensure that your equipment is installed in a suitable environment for optimal functionality, we will inspect the site for conditions that may damage your system, such as excessive heat, moisture or dust.


  • System Cleaning
    Cleaning your system of dust and grime accumulated during normal operation will extend the life of the hardware.
  • Firmware Upgrades
    Part of maintaining your system is ensuring the unit is operating with the most recent firmware version. Firmware upgrades are provided at no extra charge. All UPS Preventive Maintenance visits include free firmware upgrades as required.
  • 7X24hr Upgrade Option
    If you are like most businesses, you want your systems up and running during your busiest hours. In order to accommodate your busy schedule, Total Power Solutions offers an option to schedule services outside normal office hours. We will work with you to find a time when servicing your system is least likely to impact your productivity.   


Checks Undertaken Include:

  • Visual Inspection
    Engineer will inspect the UPS to ensure that all system components are clean and functioning within designed specifications. 
  • Environmental Inspection
    Engineer will verify and document that the system’s environment is within specified operating conditions including but not limited to room temperature, airflow, dust contamination, etc.
  • Functional Verification
    Engineer will check UPS event and alarm logs. Engineer will verify that input, output and bypass voltage and current values are within designed specifications.
    Engineer will verify transfer to battery operation and transfer to and from static bypass operation. Engineer will check parallel operation performance where applicable for the system configuration.


  • Mechanical & Electrical Inspection
    Engineer will inspect all power and control wire termination points as well as all UPS internal components for hotspots, damage and signs of ageing.
  • Implement Updates
    Engineer will verify and implement all required Field Advisories and Field Modifications. Engineer will check all circuit board revisions.
  • Deliver Documentation
    Engineer will deliver a graphical site report documenting UPS status and on-site activities. Engineer will recommend any additional service activities as required resulting from the UPS preventive maintenance activities listed above.
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