New SRT On-Line 2.2 and 3kVA UPS


High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable runtime.


APC has further enhanced its Smart-UPS On-Line (SRT) offering to address the growing needs of space constrained, power dense server rooms and network closets.  The power consumption and availability requirements for IT equipment is increasing and customers require a UPS which can handle more power in less space and offer excellent power quality and efficiency in a flexible design with features making it easy to install, operate, and service in almost any environment. The new 2.2 and 3kVA Smart-UPS On-Line models include the new patent pending Interactive LCD User Interface, patent pending Green mode that exceeds 97% Efficiency, Predictive Battery Replacement Date, Switched Outlet Groups and 0.9 Output Power factor. Available from Total Power Solutions.

November, 18. 2015


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