Fire at ESB Substation in Dublin

120,000 customers in Dublin were without power on Sunday 17th April due to a massive fire at a 220KV sub-station in Inchicore, Dublin.

The fire was caused by thieves trying to steal copper from the sub-station and emergency services were alerted at 7:20pm with six units attending the scene.

Power was restored to all but 15,000 customers by 9:00pm. No one was injured.

Pic Steve humphreys 17th April 2016.

A pharmaceutical plant in Dublin lost up to €5 million as a result of power outages due to the fire.

The AMNCH Hospital in Tallaght briefly lost supply and ESB head of distribution, Seán Colleran said the thieves “put lives at risk”

A spokesperson for Tallaght Hospital said the hospital has a “business continuity back-up plan” to manage scenarios such as power outages.

“This includes having back up power generators onsite and additional battery support for all critical care areas,” the spokesperson said.

Power Outages – Huge Costs

Power outages such as this and indeed power disturbances in general can lead to major damage to business in data loss, disruption in manufacturing, loss of critical infrastructure, all leading to losses in revenue.

It has been estimated that the loss of power to a large data centre can cost up to €10K per minute.

ESB Sub Station Fire 2016

Total Power Solutions

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the loss of power to a large data centre can cost up to €10K per minute.

April, 17. 2016


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