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Since 2006, Total Power Solutions has grown and forged a reputation for excellence in the UPS solutions and services we deliver to customers throughout Ireland.

Our factory trained service team have a long experience in supporting a wide variety of customers. We provide UPS products and services to our clients across the IT, Government, Education, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Education and SMB sectors. Our UPS product and services portfolio provides solutions to meet our customers’ needs and to achieve our mission to protect, power, cool and manage our clients’ critical infrastructure.

We have further demonstrated our commitment to excellence in everything we do by achieving ISO9001 certification.

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Accent Solutions – Contracts Manager

“It was great that Total Power Solutions had not just the technical knowledge but also the people skills to allay any fears the client had.”

Dept. of Agriculture – Bilfinger Facility Management

“The service they give customers is probably second-to-none, so it’s works both ways – and it works well!”

Bank Headquarters, IFSC – Facility Manager

“Upgrading the existing UPS system was more expensive than replacement.

To be honest, I was impressed at how smoothly this project went from start to finish.”

UCD – Tom Cannon

“I’ve total confidence in them as a supplier – over all these years they’ve never let us down and in this business, that says a lot.”

Mark Curtin – Limerick Institute of Technology

“Total Power Solutions offered invaluable assistance throughout all stages of the project.
Their high level of expertise in all of the disparate areas of data centre design and management
ensured that the project was planned and executed to perfection“


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