UCD IT Services

Name of Client – UCD IT Services

Contact – Tom Cannon

Service Offered – Onsite Maintenance, UPS Installation, Project Management


The IT Services at UCD support the staff and students at the College through the provision of IT applications and infrastructure. It manages a number of services including connectivity and collaboration, security, education technologies and more. With a campus area of 133 hectares, a staff on campus of over 3,000 and more than 30,000 students studying at UCD the IT Services Division is responsible for offering a very significant level of complex IT support.

Data Centre Officer Tom Cannon came across Total Power Solutions about 5 or 6 years ago. “They are a Premier partner for Schneider Electric in Ireland and it was through Schneider that we brought them in to quote. Initially we went out for pricing on a  UPS and In-Row Cooling service agreement and they came in with a  competitive quote – we’ve been working with them ever since!”

Onsite Maintenance and Installation Services

Tom outlines the services delivered by Total Power Solutions “We have a Service Level Agreement and it covers maintenance at both our Primary and Secondary Data Centres on campus  – they look after the infrastructure; all the large UPS units and the APC cooling systems. They do maintenance work on-site twice a year for the cooling systems and once a year on the UPS Units.”

It’s a significant task as there is currently more than 500kw of UPS supported with the associated In-Row cooling units to be maintained.

Total Power Solutions has also installed a number of other UPS units and cooling units at UCD.

Total Power Solutions project co-ordinated the upgrade of the original cooling installation at our primary data centre, doubling the cooling capacity, meeting tight deadlines.

Benefits for UCD Data Centre in Working with Total Power Solutions

The relationship has been strong for many years and Tom puts this down to great service, as well as technical expertise, “I’m really happy with the service. Total Power Solutions go above and beyond what you might expect and they consistently prove their value as a supplier.” Tom gives an example of a recent experience at the Data Centre “We were sourcing a UPS for a completely different side of the business and we ran into trouble with the project; when we got stuck, I called Total Power Solutions and they were able to source and install the right solution and sort it out for us. I’ve total confidence in them as a supplier – over all these years they’ve never let us down and in this business, that says a lot.”

Looking to the Future

In terms of the relationship going forward, Tom expects to continue to work closely with Total Power Solutions. “We do tender on a regular basis and we’ve consistently found that they are very competitive. When you add that to the comfort factor of knowing they are a reliable supplier, I’d expect to be working with Total Power Solutions on an ongoing basis.”

I’ve total confidence in them as a supplier – over all these years they’ve never let us down and in this business, that says a lot.”

August, 11. 2014


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